I dabbled in a little food reviewing last week, this is how it went.

Jo webber decided to bring a large bottle of vodka, which meant the rest of the evening was pretty much in danger, especially the fact I had to review the food, let alone remember it.



Great location, great juicy, off the bone chicken, with a jazzy kidney bean type salad sider, with a hint of lemon somewhere. 

I pretty much dabbled a bite from every plate, but I wasn’t put off by much. The entertainment was up lifting and I noticed there was a private booth at the back available for private room hire. I suggested there should be a belly dancer, looked like that kind of place… only to see on the website there is! So, that was a shame I missed it.

The chef was friendly and the waitress was cute. What more could you ask for. 




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Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. Its harder than you think. I think the hardest thing about starting a project is actually, ‘ACTUALLY’ finishing it. Phoawh, now just to post the pictures. Guess what! I haven’t edited them – NOTHING. To be honest, I didn’t plan this either… I was never going to ‘go to town’ with photoshopping but I thought there may be a possible raise of tempreture or hue here and there but no, these girls needed nothing. See for yourself. Soon. Proberly next week! Definitely soon though. Ps: Will made a another video. Would you like to see it? Ok, i’ll put that up too!

Next project, Jamie West. Tell you about it next week. Secrets, secrets, secrets.

Big smiles people,


So, its sunday evening and i’ve finally sat down, ready to blog how exciting this whole project has been. I had last minute cancelations, I bought cakes and made tea, the northern line was closed and still everything ran to perfection. The sun came out and the fantastic Will Hutchinson came to film all the fun.

Having JUST seen the first edit, I have a huge smile on my face and feel like I have definitely achieved!!!

You will be happy to know, I am not photoshopping any of the photos and guess what, they all look gorgeous!

I’d like to THANK the girls who came and took part. I had a great day! OH! Guess what…

I made them do the shoot outside… in the middle of CAMDEN.



The one great thing about this little project. I’m ACTUALLY doing it. Nothing better than an idea that HAPPENS as well. ‘Well chuffed’. Looking forward to meeting the girls on Saturday and getting this thangg on the road. Cheers for everyone’s support. Really enjoyed randomly sparking this project up. I think everyone should do it!


Until Saturday



Have you ever disliked your body and how did you overcome that?

I first became self-conscious about my body at 10yrs old and went from being a fussy eater to having real food issues which by the time I was 14, 15, 16yrs had developed into borderline anorexia. Being a complete control freak though I never let it get the better of me and managed to maintain a relatively normal body weight, dress size 6 and a healthy diet by turning vegetarian.
By the time I was 22yrs old I was much more comfortable about my body and was a size 8. I started excercise classes and worked out regularly for a while, this was the only time i have been happy with my body. After a period of unhappiness I gained weight (by eating crap) and went to a size 12.
In order to regain control and through turning vegan I went back to being a size 8 and comfortable with my body again. Then after ending an unhappy relationship my weight dropped drastically and I was a very boney size 6 again. At this time I started dancing and gained confidence in my body for a short while. Whilst being able to show-off on stage I was still very insecure but the dancing gave me the validation I needed. Having stopped dancing my weight and subsequently my acceptance of my body yo-yos frequently.This is an issue I do not believe I shall ever overcome. I love my tattoos though…!

How do you look after your body?
I am vegan, I do not drink, do not smoke, I do not take pharmaceuticals even contraceptives, I take vitamins and generally eat natural/organic wheat free food. When I have the time I exercise and walk a lot. I try to use natural beauty product. I exfoliate and wax yada yada yada…

Whats your favourite outfit and why?

I have a blue ‘ragdoll’ dress with flowers on. It makes my tits look big, hides my stomach, shows off all my tattoos and it is very pretty/sexy/comfort/cute/feminine/ironic! I  like to wear it with big biker boots and a pearl necklace 🙂

Why do you think it is important to feel beautiful in the skin and body you are in?

There is nothing worse than being unhappy in your own skin; you have no where to run to…
Why do you think it is important that more people participate in this project and grown confidence?
Anything that gives even the smallest grain of confidence to anybody is a good thing. We are so eager to bring ourselves down and curse our reflections for not looking like the front of Vogue that any lift for our self-esteem is a positive.

Right! So, i have all the girls availability dates in and all the girls questions, just waiting for one more. Thank you for everyone that has given their written response and i’m glad you are really getting behind the idea. 

Got a meeting on thursday to view the space I am filming in and the camera man is ready to go go go. 


Running Rocks

Found THIS post today by MichaelRunner – an Ultra Marathoner and Cyclist (no, I don’t hate all of them) who I follow on Twitter. I’m really glad I read this because it made me step back a bit and really think about what I’m doing here over the next few months. Goals are great!! However, goals that are set too high or too unrealistic can be counter productive. One – if you set your goal ridiculously high that it would be impossible to achieve then you are going to be disappointed and down on yourself. For instance if I said I wanted to be a millionaire by the end of 2012, yes that is an amazing goal and of course I would want that – who wouldn’t? But is it going to happen? Not unless I win the lottery or find some rich dude to marry (better chances with the lottery). And…

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